Natasha Marin, called by a well-known art critic Greg Sandow "a very fashion-forward poster child" for a new generation of classical musicians willing to break the boundaries of traditional classical performance format, has been collaborating with stylists and fashion designers to create distinctive looks for her performances, including her piano duo "DoubleSharp" that incorporated custom made costumes by Vera DeFehr as a part of artistic presentation.

HighNotesCollection® is Natasha Marin's lifestyle line of jewelry and clothing. Natasha's designs bring together her passion for music and fashion and channel inspiration she gets from music as a classical pianist into visual forms.

Natasha’s HighNotesCollection® music inspired limited edition jewelry line features gold and sterling silver and leather necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Each piece is hand made in Los Angeles.

Available at

highnotescollection.etsy.com & NatashaMarin.com